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The Prolific Writer

The Prolific Writer is about writing fast, often, and well. Follow writer and publisher Ryan Pelton as he discusses processes and strategies for writing, editing, publishing, and marketing your books. TPW podcast also interviews some of the most prolific writers in the world. Be inspired as they discuss their journey into writing, explore tips and tricks on the craft, and learn about the latest trends in the publishing today.

Jan 10, 2020

Harvey Stanbrough is an award-winning writer who by the middle of December 2019, Harvey had written and published 50 novels, 7 novellas, over 200 short stories, and hundreds of poems. He also compiled and published 30 collections of short fiction and 5 critically acclaimed poetry collections. Ryan and Harvey chat about the blessings of longevity in writing, traditional versus indie publishing, why being prolific is essential in today's world, and much more. Find Harvey and his books: