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The Prolific Creator

The Prolific Writer is about writing fast, often, and well. Follow writer and publisher Ryan Pelton as he discusses processes and strategies for writing, editing, publishing, and marketing your books. TPW podcast also interviews some of the most prolific writers in the world. Be inspired as they discuss their journey into writing, explore tips and tricks on the craft, and learn about the latest trends in the publishing today.

Dec 22, 2017

Ryan sits down with up and coming Hip Hop artist Jovan Mackenzy. They discuss Jovan's tough upbringing and his inspiration for music and art. Why art is one of the better mediums to communicate hard truth, writing process, role of faith in creating art, and much more. Check out Jovan's work at:

Dec 15, 2017

Horror author Chuck Buda revisits the show to share his journey of the last year, from writing full time, to going back to the day job. One thing is for certain the writing dream is still alive as ever. Chuck and Ryan discuss writing with day jobs, why horror writers seem to be well adjusted people, writing...

Dec 8, 2017

S.D. Smith has lived an interesting life. From growing up in rural West Virginia, to South Africa in the middle of apartheid, and back to West Virginia. Now, Smith writes for children and burst onto the scene with his Green Embers series. In this episode S.D. and Ryan discuss writing for children, cultivating...

Dec 1, 2017

Lindsay Buroker is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy author who burst on the scene in 2011. Some called it the hay-day of indie publishing and Ebook Revolution. Lindsay hasn't slowed down and has since published 30+ titles. In this episode Ryan and Lindsay discuss her humble beginnings from nonfiction and online marketing to...